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Rib Cage Plant Climber

Rib Cage Plant Climber

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Introducing our newest addition to our plant accessory collection: the Laser cut ribcage plant climber! Perfect for indoor house plants, this unique and visually stunning piece is cut from 3mm lasered basswood, creating a durable and intricate design that will elevate any plant's aesthetic.

This plant climber is designed to mimic the ribcage structure of a human, adding a touch of curiosity and intrigue to your indoor plant display. The laser cut design allows for precise and intricate detailing, resulting in a beautiful and captivating piece that will surely be a conversation starter.

Our Laser cut ribcage plant climber is perfect for vining plants, such as philodendrons, pothos, and ivies, providing them with a sturdy structure to climb and thrive. It measures 30cm in height and 16cm in width, making it suitable for a variety of pot sizes.

Not only does this plant climber serve a functional purpose, but it also adds a unique and visually pleasing element to your indoor plant collection. It is easy to install and will immediately transform the look and feel of your space.

Order now and elevate your indoor plant game with our Laser cut ribcage plant climber!

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